I specialize in damage limitation and taking quick and strong decisions. I act immediately and do not linger over decisions. Without this kind of approach companies can be undermined in very short order. Success in the businesses is based on common sense – one needs to be fast at identifying the real problems and issues and developing a solution at pace.

I also understand the importance of task delegation to make sure all team members clearly understand their responsibilities and share successes.

My main interests include mergers and acquisitions. Currently I am focused on my Chairmanship of Cerebrus LLC – a private equity firm investing and supporting innovations from artificial intelligence to data. I envision massive growth in data infrastructure when you consider the hundreds of data centers large companies like Amazon have when contrasted with the fact that half the world remains largely disconnected from the internet.

I firmly believe that, through innovative energy management solutions, we can create a sustainable future for the rapid growth in demand for data centers. Harnessing novel engineering and design to provide massive savings in the operations of data centers will also provide significantly reduced carbon footprints in this growing arena.