I am a keen observer of environment and ecological issues from a business perspective and recognize the need to supply the market with energy reducing solutions poised for rapid growth.

As the world heads towards net zero this will be very challenging with increasing requirements for minerals and metals – such as lithium and cobalt for electric cars and batteries – to the reevaluation of food production. Water preservation will also become an avenger issue.

As more carbon is released into the atmosphere it impacts the environment. I strongly believe that nations need to reduce the carbon footprint and be very careful about investment and regeneration.

My own businesses effectively futureproofs the evolution of the Internet as it requires more data and needs ever larger servers to use that data.

The primary patent developed by one of my businesses is very important because it utilizes fluid dynamics and differential equations to reduce the infrastructure in buildings and results in smaller systems being required.

Acoustics lower vibrations and there is less friction and therefore less power is needed to operate the systems. The result is better systems, more efficient technology and a better world.

The main trends in the world economy are towards green energy. This is particularly true of Wall Street and this is where I am focusing my efforts.

Laminar air flow will reduce the carbon footprint meaning less KW, less power, less vibrations and reduced footprints.