I strongly believe that people are born as idealist and only later in their lives get seduced into materialism.

I keep reminding others that ‘we come naked into the world and we leave naked!’ We need to learn to give back!

Some of my charitable work centers around helping orphans in Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India. These kids are at risk from gangs and predators seeking to turn them to crime or traffic them – it is hugely important to give these kids another chance and choice.

I want to give them a future and an opportunity to develop – something I understand very well as someone who comes from a poor country.

Whenever possible, I prefer to give directly to institutions – be it in support of advancing medical research or serving underprivileged children with vital resources and opportunities to succeed. I’m proud to work with my mother who shares my passion for philanthropy and manages my giving.

In addition to our work abroad, we’ve supported several US institutions and charities to include the US Heart Association and MD Anderson Cancer Center.